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Sea & Water Activities

Splash, splash & splashhhhh !

” I made the most amazing experience of my life! We managed to make incredible photos. A strong experience in emotion!!”

“We had a great day! Good atmosphere on the catamaran! An exceptional island, full color!”

“Parents, do it with your kids! You will be glad you did!”

“A wonder! A fabulous day with PMT diving among coral and fish of the island, in transparent and warm water”

“We made an exit walking under water and bottles for non divers, great experience…”

“Very good outing even for beginners in a friendly atmosphere to make at least once to discover this fishing mode for half a day”

“The staff on board is dressed as a pirate and the wooden boat shaped Pirate boat”

“I chose the underwater activity with apprehension but I do not regret!!”

“Down from 35 meters depth we see the magnificent marine life, beautiful colorful fish, turtles , corals, and a Japanese ship wreck”

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