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Pirate Cruise

Let's go to Ile Aux Cerfs !

Program of your dream day

Ship ahoy ! Sailors, pirates, freebooters, helmsmen and other pirates be ready to ship ! We set the sails at 9.30am ! On port side !

To know :


Sailors rules : Well ! Well ! Well ! You stepped into the pirate boat of Trou aux Biches ? Listen  the Captain carefully otherwise… You might be thrown into the sea ! (kidding, of course)

Take a seat ! You will enjoy a real pirate feast. One the menu : Grilled fresh fish, sliced chicken prepared at the mauritian way with some rhum for the ones over 18, of course ! There will also be some fresh fruits cocktails for the little sailors. 

Duration : 6h30

Location : East coast

Open at 9:30 am

Close at 4:00 pm

Pirate BBQ included !

Price per child (ages 3-11) : 25€ / Free for 0 to 2 years

Pirates expressions :


To spend a dream day as a sailor, you should learn some tips about how to talk as a REAL pirate !
Ahoy : An interjection used to hail a ship or a person, or to attract attention
Dead men tell no tales ! : Standard pirate excuse for leaving no survivors
Fire in the hole ! : A warning issued before a cannon is fired
Weigh anchor ! : To haul the anchor up or, more generally, to leave port
Show a leg : A phrase used to wake up a sleeping pirate

No prey, no pay : A common pirate law meaning a crew received no wages but, rather, shared whatever loot was taken
Marooned : To be stranded, particularly on a desert isle
Heave down : To turn a vessel on its side for cleaning
Hornswaggle : To cheat
Aye : Yes! an affirmation

Time to practice arr ! 

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