15 Apr Mauritian specialties not to be missed !

Mauritius is a dream destination, with its marvelous beaches and cultural monuments. But it is much more than that, Mauritius also means culinary tastings of unique and unknown flavors !

Mauritian cuisine is a mixture of different culinary styles taking into account the indian tradition, the chinese tradition, the african tradition and the french tradition. This is due to the diversity in Mauritius.

In France, people are used to eat a starter, then the main course and finally the dessert but in Mauritius, they usually eat a main dish and occasionally a dessert. Usually the main course is rice with some side dishes as vegetables, meat or fish in a sauce with spices… So if you’re planning to stay few days in Mauritius, discovering and tasting new flavors are essential. To make your life easier, you will find below, a list of everything you should taste :

  • The snacks of the street food, indeed when walking through these streets you will smell dholl purri, a salty crepe that can be eaten with a “cari” (a sauce dish) or “chutney” (a mixture of crushed spices) and the more you get closer to the stalls the more you’ll smell an explosion of flavors with roti which is an indian pancake, samosas and fritters. Feel free to taste all of them !


  • Alouda which is composed of milk and basil seeds from India, also called toukmaria. This drink was inspired by the falooda, an indian drink. Easy to prepare at home and don’t forget to add some ice cream or whipped cream for more flavors ! Yummy…
  • Chicken, beef or shrimp fried noodles ! This dish is famous there, tourists and local people love it!rsz_mine-frit-1024x555
  • A coconut sweet, do not hesitate to try this amazing treat especially if you’re a coconut lover !
  • The sev composed of chickpeas, looking like noodles but so crispy, it is usually eaten as we eat chips.
  • The poutou composed of rice and coconut… #coconutislifepoutou-maurice
  • The napolitains which are jam shortbreads covered with white or pink icing. Perfect if you’re in need of sugar. Lucky you, you’ll find them everywhere !
  • Dried seafood (fish, shrimp…) so typical from Mauritius. First they are dried in the sun and then preserved with salt.
  • The briani, similar to the indian one, it’s composed of basmati rice and meat with some spices. It is a must-eat dish and is usually served during muslim weddings. You will find one of the best brianis in Mahébourg, in the southeast of Mauritius called Pyramid snack.



Sounds tasty right ? I can feel my belly screaming… Let’s escape to a culinary trip to Mauritius !

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