08 Apr Top 10 of the things to do in Port Louis (Part 2)

Remember, last week we went through the heart of the mauritian culture by introducing 5 things not to miss when visiting Port Louis. This week find what’s next! Let’s go to the Northwest of the island!


Experience the chinese culture in China Town

What to do in Port Louis, Mauritius : China Town

A little taste of  the far East in the middle of the Indian Ocean… Mauritius is an impressive country thanks to its cultural diversity. There is a whole chinese community in Mauritius. Moreover China Town includes several restaurants serving fish and meat dishes or vegetable soup, antique or clothing shops, traditionnal shops and street stalls. Chinese lanterns are suspended all the way long, the traditions are well-represented in Port Louis.

Practical infos: between Jummah Mosque Street and Franklin Temple Street, along the Royal Road

Savour fish at the Jasmin corner

Restaurant/intimate lounge of the city of Port Louis, in the beautiful Jasmin corner; a pleasant surrounding in a little garden, far from the noise of the mauritian capital. Take a seat in a table covered with a white and blue checked tablecloth, Little Italy vibes, and order some fresh tuna. It will be served grilled with spices, garnished with cabbage, potatoes, crispy carrots with a curry sauce. Yummy I’m getting hungry… If you have some space for a desert, choose a home-made ice cream, so delicious !

Practical infos: 9bis, rue Saint Georges


Let yourself go in the botanical garden of Pamplemousses

What to do in Port Louis, Mauritius : Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

It is not that close but we couldn’t list the things to do in Port Louis without talking about the botanical garden of Pamplemousses. For 2 centuries, this tropical botanical garden of 37 hectares hosts hundreds of vegetal species from all around the world. The most popular excursion in Mauritius, we can smell mesmerizing scents as the guavas, cinnamon or mango. Through this garden we are immersed by the mauritian culture discovering species as mascarenes or the ebony wood. An interesting circuit of the 5 senses and the discovery of coloured butterflies, nice reptiles, multi-colored fishes and other creatures of the garden.

Practical infos: opened every day from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM | around 200 rupees | book here


Have a drink at The Lambic

A belgium “brasserie” (restaurant) in the middle of Port Louis… Indeed the diversity is at the rendez-vous! First it’s an adorable place; a typical Mauritian house with friendly vibes. Walls are covered by hundreds of beer bottles and it is a welcoming place. Almost as home. The house offers happy hours from 5PM to 7PM which let you the time to discover as many beer types as possible. We suggest you yo try the Flying Dodo one! Outside the house, find a nice typical Mauritian terrace.

Practical infos: 4 Georges Street | opened from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 10PM and Saturday from 12AM to 10PM


Isolate yourself at the Jummah Masjid

What to do in Port Louis, Mauritius : Jummah Masjid

An authentic peaceful place, Jummah mosque unveils its beauty near the Royal Road with a white facade and deep blue shutters, the building is charming with its environment. By entering through the large wood door, we discover the intimacy of the venue. In the courtyard, find a fountain where the ablutions take place. The mosque is covered with a white tiling and carved wood that gives a calm atmosphere. It is an important place for the muslim culture in Mauritius, do not hesitate to sit there a bit and enjoy this serene place. Photos are allowed.

Practical infos: Royal Road | Queen Street


So, who said that Mauritius was just about lying on the beach and enjoying the sun? Indeed, it is in a way… But the culture of the island is so rich and diverse that it would be too bad to miss Port Louis where a multitude of activities and unique places have to be discovered. 

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